Pappenheimer Keychain

The demand for high-quality merchandise is higher than ever these times. To improve your market position and customer loyalty we develop the perfect merchandise product with YOU even if you only need smaller batches. Send us an inquiry and together we design your next unique give-away.

... a few examples for your next merchandise product

Electric Love Festival Magnet

Beautiful magnets for the most important things in live like photos of your greatest festival moments.

Andis Rave Blog Keychain

Little give aways for your fans that count even more than a photo with you... Little suggestion: Sign it on the backside to personalize it even more.

Pappenheimer Keychain

And another keychain - different design, same concept...

Neelix Ghost Sticker

Your logo with a small sticker on the backside out of 100% sustainable and recycleable material? And on top a higher quality than "just" a sticker.

You´re looking for your next merchandise?
We´re looking forward to your message :)


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