Electric Love Festival 2018

The story behind STAG3D

It all started at the end of 2018 in Salzburg. Before we visited the Electric Love 2018 Relive Night a friend and I talked about the possibility how 3D printers could be used for the music and festival industry. After a while the idea to print a mini mainstage has been born but nobody I talked to really believed in it. This “distrust“ awakened my ambition even more and nearly a month later the worlds first 3D printed mini mainstage had been finished.

Shutdown Festival 2019

How it works

Basically it´s a simple process:

Draw the stage
Convert the files
Put it in a slicer program
Print it
Assemble it

Sounds easy right? It´s not less and not more but when you take a deeper look this process needs a lot of time, experience and the one or other connection to the festival organizer and the designer to get the original design files.

You´re a designer / festival organizer and interested in our work?
We´re looking forward to your message :)